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Custom SR100NM Barcode Scanner USB Stand kit

Custom SR100NM Barcode Scanner USB Stand kit

  • The SR100NM Barcode Scanner USB Stand kit is a tool designed for scanning barcodes and facilitating data entry tasks.
  • The kit includes a SR100NM Barcode Scanner and a USB Stand, which allows the scanner to be used hands-free.
  • The scanner is equipped with a high-performance laser engine that can read both 1D and 2D barcodes quickly and accurately.
  • It supports multiple interfaces, including USB, RS232, and PS/2, making it compatible with various types of devices and systems.
  • The USB Stand is designed to provide a stable and adjustable platform for the scanner, ensuring easy and comfortable operation for extended periods.
  • The stand features an automatic scanning mode that detects and scans barcodes without any additional input from the user.
  • The kit is easy to install and use, with no additional drivers or software required.
  • It is ideal for use in various industries, such as retail, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing, where efficient and accurate data entry is essential.
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