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Datalogic CO5330

Datalogic CO5330

  • The Datalogic CO5330 is a fixed-position barcode scanner designed for high-volume scanning in retail, manufacturing, and logistics environments.
  • It features a high-speed image sensor that can capture and decode 1D and 2D barcodes in any orientation, as well as digital watermarks and barcodes on mobile screens.
  • The scanner has a compact, rugged design that can withstand harsh environments, including extreme temperatures and moisture.
  • It can be mounted on a variety of surfaces and adjusted for optimal scanning performance, and its integrated aiming system makes it easy to align with barcode targets.
  • The CO5330 supports a wide range of communication interfaces, including USB, RS-232, and Ethernet, and can be easily integrated with existing POS systems and other devices.
  • The scanner also includes advanced features like automatic object detection, image capture, and remote management through Datalogic's software tools.
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