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  • The DS6708-DL is a handheld barcode scanner designed for a range of applications, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.
  • It is capable of scanning both 1D and 2D barcodes, including the PDF417 and DataMatrix codes used on driver's licenses and other forms of identification.
  • The scanner features a rugged design that can withstand drops and impacts, making it suitable for use in challenging environments.
  • It connects to a host computer or other device via USB or RS-232 interfaces, and is compatible with a range of operating systems.
  • The DS6708-DL includes a range of features to improve scanning accuracy and speed, including omni-directional scanning, which allows for easy capture of barcodes from any angle.
  • Other features include image capture capabilities, allowing for the capture of photographs and signatures, and the ability to read barcodes from mobile phone screens.
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