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Fujitsu FP-2000

Fujitsu FP-2000

FUJITSU FP-2000 series

1 Station Thermal POS Printer, Ultra high speed, 400mm/sec, Multi-function & Compact Design, FUJITSU Super Green Product, FUJITSU advanced printing algorithm Dual printing mode, 180dpi & 203dpi New compression printing mode FP-2200 400mm/sec. FP-2100 300mm/sec. FP-2000 230mm/sec.

For End users

Good effect for running cost ■Helping paper consumption - Helping paper consumption 30% OFF by printing thin (53µm) paper. (*Comparing with 75µm) - Reduced printing by printer driver ■Non-synchronous thermal head control technology - Compression printing with high grade quality by printer Stress free operation ■Non-waiting ultra high speed printing & Throughput ■User friendly functions - Removing Paper curl function - Retry printing - Alarming for Paper Near End (PNE), Paper End(PE), Cover Open High quality printing by the new FUJITSU algorithm ■Automatic optimum power printing mode ■16 gray scale printing

For Distributor & Dealers

Salable printer for your business ■All accessories in one printer box ■Selectable interface cards Contribute to the replace business ■New FUJITSU advanced printing algorithm - Support 180dpi & 203dpi with 1 thermal head - Automatic optimum printing mode ■Low field failure rate Appropriate printer for international business ■Multi language equipment ■Covering safety standard for each region


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