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Fujitsu FP-2000

Fujitsu FP-2000

Fujitsu Thermal Receipt Printer FP-2000, FP-2100, FP-2200

High quality, durable receipt printer with compact size

Three models are available to choose from according to your needs.
The use of thin paper and the paper-saving function make it possible to reduce running costs and contribute to environmental impact.


FUJITSU certain technology thermal printers.

FP-2000 series have useful functions and the new reliable technology for not only POS system but also mounting KIOSK and order entry tickets in Retail, Hospitality and all other industries.
In other words, FP-2000 series will be your best business partner.

For POS system & KIOSK

Advanced connectivity for hardware ■Protecting inrush current ■Countermeasure for ESD (Level 4 of IEC61000-4-2) High quality printing by new FUJITSU algorithm ■Automatic optimum printing mode (For POS system which only provides low power) ■Simulated 180 dpi printing mode Supporting customization for your POS system ■Printer's design ■Software, commands.

For System Integrators

Completed supports for your integration ■Completed drivers & software - Windows, OPOS, Java, CUPS, Utility, SDK(Android, iOS) Customization support for hardware / software - Fiscal printer supports (providing module, without board) - Customization for software, commands Advanced connectivity & integration to your system ■No need to uninstall drivers & utilities (FP-1000 series) ■Versatile Utility - LAN utility, Status Monitor Certain Serviceability for the trouble ■Log functions - Receiving host data & printer’s status information ■Completed technical documents - Maintenance manual, Command specifications, and so on

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