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Honeywell PM43c Industrial Barcode Printer

Honeywell PM43c Industrial Barcode Printer

  • The Honeywell PM43c Industrial Barcode Printer is a reliable and efficient printing solution for various industrial applications.

  • It features a compact and durable design, suitable for use in harsh environments and withstanding rough handling.

  • The printer offers a high print speed of up to 12 inches per second, with a maximum resolution of 203 or 300 dots per inch (DPI).

  • It supports a wide range of media types, including labels, tags, and wristbands, with a maximum print width of up to 4.2 inches.

  • The PM43c printer offers various connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, and serial interfaces, as well as wireless options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

  • It also includes user-friendly features such as a color touch screen, easy-to-load media options, and simple maintenance procedures.

  • The printer supports various printer languages and emulation modes, making it compatible with a wide range of software applications.

  • It is suitable for use in various industries, including healthcare, transportation, logistics, and manufacturing, for applications such as inventory management, shipping and receiving, and product labeling.

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