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Honeywell Solaris 7820

Honeywell Solaris 7820

  • Honeywell Solaris 7820 is a vertical mini-slot scanner designed for high-density and high-volume retail environments.
  • It uses a 20-line omni-directional scan pattern to quickly and accurately capture barcodes from any angle, making it ideal for fast-paced checkout operations.
  • The scanner features a durable construction with no moving parts, making it reliable and low maintenance.
  • It has a USB interface for easy connectivity to computers and POS systems, and can also be configured to work with other interfaces such as RS-232 or keyboard wedge.
  • The Solaris 7820 has a built-in automatic stand detection feature that switches the scanner into hands-free mode when placed on its stand, providing added convenience and speed at checkout.
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