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Product Details

Product Name:Two Pocket Value Counter

Feature:  (100% ECB TEST PASSED)

● Available currency: USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, SAR, AED, INR, RUB, THB, PKR, IDR, INR, JPY, TWD, LBP etc.

● Counting mode: MIX, SINGLE, FACE, ORIENT, COUNT.

● Advanced counterfeit detection with UV/MG/IR/DD/2CIS

● USB port: software upgrade & SD card: display logo upgrade

● ADD & Batch counting function 

● Auto & manual counting mode switch

● Correctly recognize the serial number and detect the counterfeits by 2CIS

● Transfer the count report and serial number report to PC

● Automatic currency recognition function can be fast to recognize the counted notes currency and multi-currency function can count 4 different currency notes at the same time

● With built-in printer to print the count report  and serial number report


More Advantages:

● When issue the new version banknote, the user can collect the data with our CIS machine via USB, we will upgrade the software data for update.

● We are the manaufacturer, with many workshops, almost plastics parts and the metal parts are made by ourselves, which can ensure the fast delivery time and reliable quality.

● There are many professional engineers in our technology center, we are specialized in providing the customized service, inclduing the machine appearance and software.  

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