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Zebra 2300 Resin Ribbon

Zebra 2300 Resin Ribbon


The Zebra 2300 wax ribbon is suitable for industrial and office thermal transfer printers. It provid es a high and durable print quality for barcodes. It has a dimension of 110 mm x 450 m and is availa ble in boxes of 12 ribbons.

  • The 2300 ribbon is a standard wax ribbon offering good durability and high-quality rotated barcodes.
  • Suitable for printing on uncoated and coated paper labels and tags Ability to print up to speeds of 304mm/sec (12ips) and 152mm/sec (6ips) for rotated barcodes
  • Recommended for use in general purpose labelling, shipping and receiving, inventory tracking, warehousing and distribution, and retail labels and tags
  • Wax ribbons work best with paper materials when fast print speeds are required, and in applications with little to no exposure to chemicals or abrasion.
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