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TM-Intelligent Printer

TM-Intelligent Printer

TM-H6000IV-DT has the function to seamlessly connect POS peripheral devices and server services. By using TM-H6000IV-DT, the users can construct POS solutions of the next generation that have excellent connectivity and services.
• Downsized due to integrated TM-H6000IV and controller
• The same footprint as with TM-H6000IV allows installation in the existing counter space.
• Many interfaces for POS such as Powered USB are installed, allowing use of POS devices supporting various applications.
• Large-capacity storage is installed, enabling the system to support various applications.
• Installed ePOS-Device that allows Web applications to control the POS devices directly
• OPOS ADK, Windows drivers, and other drivers are available
• Provides the mechanism where users can print directly from software that operates on the Thin-Client environmen

Refer to our other information site about what's TM-Intelligent.

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