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High-Performance Intelligent Label Printer
This model is sold only in certain areas.
The printer unit has the same printer unit, external appearance, and printing functions as that of the TM-L90.
(1) The built-in intelligent interface in the printer
(2) Direct printing using a Web application through the network.
(3) Capability to use network TM printers
Supported TM printers: TM-T88V/TM-T88IV/TM-T70/TM-T90(/TM-T90KP (available in Japan only))/TM-L90
(4) On-board Ethernet interface and USB host 4 ports
(5) (only for users in Japan) Compliant with OFSC* standards and capable of establishing an OES*/POS system without the use of a computer.
* OES: Order Entry System
* OFSC: Open Foodservice System Consortium (An industry organization in Japan)
Refer to our other information site about what's TM-Intelligent.

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