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Device Hub Terminal Intelligent Thermal Printer
This model is sold only in Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore.
The TM-T88V-DT has equipped auxiliary storage and a Windows-operated controller in the printer. You can use it to control POS peripherals.
•The OS employs Windows Embedded POSReady7 & Windows Embedded POSReady2009, and provides functionality as a Windows PC.
•Built-in serial ATA memory device usable with POS applications or databases.
•The ePOS-Device API enables the web application to control POS peripherals directly through web browser.
•Deployable the Web application in Apache HTTP Server of product available for server-side scripting. Also you can use SQLite database.
•The ePOS-Device XML enables the native application to control POS peripherals directly from mobile terminals.
•Usable the pre-installed software required for the Thin-Client environment as the virtual desktop, application client and printer.

About what's TM-Intelligent.

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