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TSC MH241T-A001-0302 MH241 Thermal Transfer High

TSC MH241T-A001-0302 MH241 Thermal Transfer High

  • It is a thermal transfer barcode printer, meaning it uses heat to transfer ink from a ribbon onto labels or tags.
  • The MH241T-A001-0302 model has a high resolution of 203 dpi (dots per inch), producing sharp and clear prints.
  • It can print at speeds of up to 14 inches per second, making it a fast and efficient option for high volume printing jobs.
  • The printer has a maximum print width of 4.09 inches, allowing it to handle a variety of label sizes and types.
  • It features a durable metal construction and a user-friendly LCD touchscreen interface for easy operation.
  • The MH241T-A001-0302 model includes both USB and Ethernet connectivity options for easy integration into existing networks.
  • It is compatible with a range of label design software and supports a variety of barcode symbologies.
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