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Zebra AN720 RFID Antenna

Zebra AN720 RFID Antenna

  • The Zebra AN720 RFID Antenna is a high-performance, ultra-low profile antenna designed for use in indoor environments.

  • It operates in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) range of 902-928 MHz.

  • The antenna has a sleek, low-profile design that makes it easy to install and blend in with the surrounding environment.

  • It features a wide read field that can capture RFID tag data from a large area, up to 9 feet in diameter.

  • The AN720 has a rugged, IP67-rated housing that is weather-resistant and can withstand harsh indoor environments.

  • It is compatible with a wide range of Zebra RFID readers, including the FX7500 and FX9600.

  • The antenna has a gain of 6 dBi, which provides strong signal strength and helps to reduce interference.

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