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Zebra DS4800 series 1D/2D scanner

Zebra DS4800 series 1D/2D scanner

  • The Zebra DS4800 series is a high-performance handheld barcode scanner capable of scanning both 1D and 2D barcodes.

  • It features a lightweight, ergonomic design with a comfortable grip for extended use.

  • The scanner uses advanced imaging technology to quickly and accurately read barcodes from various surfaces, including paper, phone screens, and curved surfaces.

  • It has a high-speed processor that can read barcodes from up to 24 inches away, making it ideal for scanning items on high shelves or in awkward positions.

  • The DS4800 series has multiple connectivity options, including USB, RS-232, keyboard wedge, and IBM 46xx, which allows it to work with various types of devices and systems.

  • It has a bright LED aimer and a buzzer that provides feedback to the user, indicating when a barcode has been successfully scanned.

  • The scanner has a durable construction that can withstand drops from up to 5 feet and is sealed to protect against dust and water.

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