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Zebra DS9308 Hand Free Imager 2D

Zebra DS9308 Hand Free Imager 2D

  • Hand-free design: Allows for easy scanning without having to hold the scanner
  • 2D scanning: Capable of reading both 1D and 2D barcodes
  • High-speed scanning: Can read barcodes in milliseconds
  • Omnidirectional scanning: Can capture barcodes from any angle, eliminating the need to align the barcode with the scanner
  • Intelligent document capture: Automatically captures images of documents for easy organization and record keeping
  • Rugged design: Can withstand drops and other rough handling
  • Wireless connectivity: Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for easy integration with other devices
  • Remote management: Can be remotely managed and updated via Zebra's management software
  • Multiple modes: Supports both presentation mode for continuous scanning and trigger mode for on-demand scanning
  • Wide scan range: Can scan barcodes from up to 24 inches away
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