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Zebra ZT411 Barcode Printer

Zebra ZT411 Barcode Printer

  • The Zebra ZT411 is a high-performance industrial barcode printer.
  • It has a durable metal frame and is built to withstand heavy use in industrial settings.
  • The printer can handle labels up to 4.09 inches wide and has a maximum print width of 4.25 inches.
  • It uses thermal transfer or direct thermal printing technology to create high-quality barcodes and labels.
  • The ZT411 has a range of connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.
  • It comes with a color touch screen display for easy operation and status monitoring.
  • The printer supports a range of print languages, including ZPL and EPL, making it compatible with a wide range of software applications.
  • It has a print speed of up to 14 inches per second and can print at resolutions of up to 600 dpi, ensuring sharp and clear barcodes and labels.
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