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ZKTeco Access Control Fingerprint ZK

ZKTeco Access Control Fingerprint ZK

  • ZKTeco Access Control Fingerprint ZK is a biometric access control system that uses fingerprint recognition technology to grant or deny access to secured areas.
  • It is designed to provide high-security access control for commercial and residential buildings, offices, factories, and other facilities.
  • The system uses advanced algorithms to analyze and match fingerprints, ensuring high accuracy and reliability in identifying users.
  • The system supports multiple authentication methods, including fingerprint, password, and card access.
  • The system can store up to 3,000 fingerprint templates, making it ideal for small to medium-sized organizations.
  • The device features a user-friendly interface that allows for easy configuration and management of the system.
  • The system can be connected to a computer or network for remote management and monitoring.
  • The system supports various communication protocols, including TCP/IP, RS485, and Wi-Fi, allowing for seamless integration with other security systems.
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